di Monero is a Digital Asset Management firm, focused on privacy-preserving technologies, blockchain infrastructure, and early-stage ventures.

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Investor or Project Manager here is a few things we can do for you.

Project Screening

Investing without having a background check on the project is like playing the roulette. We will screen the projects you send us, using #OSINT resources and techniques, and get back to you with a full risk report.

Privacy 101

Privacy is a fundamental human right. We believe the development of privacy-preserving technologies to be necessary for protecting and enabling our ability to securely immerse ourselves in an ever-expanding digital universe.

Crypto Consigliere

Your Consigliere will advise you on safe investments, will create an investment strategy tailored for your needs and will find best stable/safe investments.

Need an advice?

Wait no more, contact us now and get you own Crypto Consigliere. Capisci?


La Famiglia

Our team is comprised of pioneers of the industry, having started to mine and trade cryptocurrency since 2012.

Pietro di Monero


Director of HR - Marketing - Research
Advisor for Blockchain Privacy | Project Screening

Monica di Monero


Legal Advisor - Magna cum Laude - Harward Law
Guardian of the Bridge between projects and investors

Alessandro di Monero


Il Capo della Famiglia - Head of Security and Diplomacy - Ethics - Privacy Master



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